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The First Prize of Technical Innovation of Securities Industry of Hundsun Technologies Came out
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The securities industry comes into a new age of innovation. Various business affairs of innovation come out continuously. IT technologies play an important role therein. In 2014 Hundsun Technologies Electronic Securities Partners Summit Meeting held on May 30, the first prize of technical innovation of securities industry of Hundsun Technologies came out.
This innovation prize was initiated by Hundsun Technologies for a selection paying attention to the projects of construction of system of securities industry which have rather great influence on the development of the industry. On the site of the meeting, more than 400 middle and top managers of securities industry voted with real name. The first 11 awards came out with tied number 10. The first three winners obtained very high percentage of votes as 70%, 53% and 46% respectively.
The list of winners is as follows:
1、uotai Junan Securities: One Account of Comprehensive Financing Account
2、 National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Share Transfer System Co., Ltd. : Share Transfer Company Trade Platform
3、 Hongyuan Securities: New Generation Securities Trade System
4、 Sinolink Securities: “Yongjinbao (Commission Treasure)” Internet Finance Business System
5、 CITIC Securities: CATS Automatic Trade Platform
6、Shanghai Securities: “Su e Rong (Fast e Finance)” Small Value Financing Internet Trade System
7、 GF Securities: “Niuxiongbao (Bull Bear Treasure)” – Long-Short Lever Investment Business System
8、 Changjiang Securities: Data Magic Cube
9、 Huatai Securities: New Generation Retail Business Operating Management Platform
10、 Orient Securities: Big Self-Support Project
11、 Haitong Securities: Assets Trusteeship System
These awards are the representatives of industrial innovation. For example,One Account of Comprehensive Financing Account of Guotai Junan Securities is the first of the industry to manage all accounts of Guotai Junan of a client by setting up an “One Account” account. It is possible to place an order on line and show fully the detailed assets at 360 degree. Using advanced technical frame of the country, the Share Transfer Company Trade Platform of National Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Share Transfer System Co., Ltd. supports new trade system and means of payment of share transfer business. The securities trade system of Hongyuan Securities faces the framework of trade and settlement system of next generation. It is of high concurrency and low latency. In addition, “Yongjinbao (Commission Treasure)” of Sinolink Securities is also an innovation project of good reputation in the circle.
Amongst these awards of technical innovation, many projects are supported by Hundsun Technologies with full efforts. For 19 years, Hundsun Technologies has been an only software supplier in China who can provide total IT solution for securities industry. More than 95% securities companies use solutions and products of Hundsun. Hundsun makes innovation and reform facing securities business. Aiming at retail brokerage, organizational brokerage, trade and capital investment, investment bank business, overseas market and over-the-court market, we provide a total solution above the unified technical framework. The products cover the important areas of securities transaction, futures transaction, option transaction, clearing and depository, financial risk control, data centre, client marketing service, financial terminal and investment and financing, and keep in a leading position in technologies.
This Hundsun 2014 Securities Partners Summit Meeting themed as “Opening Leads Future” has attracted more than 120 organizations and more than 400 guests from supervision departments, industrial associations, exchanges and securities companies to meet together in Hangzhou to discuss the topics of the trend of industrial development and the changes brought by Internet. Also, surrounding the topics of wealth management and Internet finance, investment business under large capital management, organizational brokerage and private placement service, compliance risk control, overseas business and technical opening platform, in the branch meeting places, the guests communicated actively. This summit meeting has become a platform for securities companies to discuss innovative mechanism and explore industrial and crossover cooperation.

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