Private Placement
The Solution of Public Offering Business
This is to offer integrated solution for fund companies to carry out public offering business and offer the two modes of self-construction and trusteeship outsourcing. Self-construction is that fund companies construct workshops by themselves and purchase hardware, software system and application software. Application software includes investment management platform, product collection platform, customer service and marketing service platform and other relevant systems. Trusteeship outsourcing mode is to offer integrated business outsourcing and system trusteeship service to fund companies through the deep cooperation with the third party . The fund companies of public offering get basic services through platform lease with service fee.
The Solution of Investment Service
This is to offer investment service platform to fund companies referring to sunshine private placement of trust companies and brokerage business of securities companies and institutions. On this platform, fund companies offer the service of investment trading channel, value estimation service, collection sale registration service and financial service to private placement institutions. Channel service platform offers remote client terminal to private placement institutions. On the back stage of fund companies, investment risks can be managed and trading can be controlled.
The Solution of Special Subsidiary Companies
This is an application software platform for fund subsidiary companies to carry out trust-like non-standard businesses and security investment business. Sufficiently utilizing the experience of designing integrated business scheme in trust industry, Hundsun offers the subsidiary companies of fund management company with the integrated solution for trust-like non-standard businesses and security investment business. The system platform can integrate with the fund platform of public offering on back stage.
The Solution of Internet Finance Business
The solution supports the implementation of internet drainage, balance management and mobile internet business. Balance management business supports direct selling, sale by proxy and direct selling in consignment. Cooperative institutions include banks, internet companies, payment companies, traditional institutions and so on. Super cash scheme can well support the implementation of internet finance businesses.
Investment Management Platform
This is an application software platform for investment management businesses of fund management companies. It includes fund investment management system, fund estimation and calculation system, fund XBRL supervision and reporting system, fund risk management and performance assessment system, credit rating system, fund settlement system and data center of fund investment research.
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