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Hundsun Technologies Inc.
Hundsun, headquartered in Hangzhou, China, is a financial technology company with the mission of “Making the Finance Easy”. It was established in 1995 and listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (code: 600570.SH) in 2003. Hundsun focuses on the financial industry and devotes itself to offering integrated solution and services to the institutions of securities, futures, funds, trust, insurance, banking, exchange and private placement. It also offers wealth management tools to individual investors. As the only full-range financial IT service provider in China, Hundsun has been listed to be top-100 Fintech 100 global financial IT enterprise for 12 consecutive years, ranking 40rd in 2020. Hundsun currently has more than 9,000 employees, over 60% of which are development engineers. During these years, relying on the experience of financial IT construction and the profound insight and understanding on the internet, Hundsun encircles technical services and constantly drives the innovative development of financial institutions using high-quality products and services. At the same time, Hundsun also actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities and continuously contributes in the fields of investor education, poverty alleviation and extension of assistance to the needy, and caring for autistic children, realizing the common sustainable development of the enterprise and the society.
Leadership Team
Peng Zhenggang, Chairman Born in 1969, consecutively graduated from the computer and its application department of Jiangsu University and China Europe International Business School, EMBA, now works as the chairman of listed company Hundsun Electronics and the vice president of Zhejiang Young Entrepreneurs’ Association. Mr. Peng has worked in IT industry for many years and accumulated abundant management experience and strategic investment experience.
Liu Shufeng, Deputy Chairman, President Born in 1970, consecutively graduated from the major of precise instrument and biomedical engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, EMBA. He is one of the founders of the company and consecutively worked as the responsible person of the company in southwest area of China, marketing director, executive general manager, executive director and general manager.
Jiang Jiansheng, Executive Director Born in 1971, consecutively graduated from Tongji University and China Europe International Business School, EMBA, now works as the director (executive director) of Hundsun Electronics Co., Ltd. and the chairman of Hangzhou Hundsun Electronics Group Co., Ltd.
Fan Jingwu, CEO Born in 1971, graduated from Zhejiang University, master, senior engineer. Mr. Fan began working in Hundsun after graduating from university and has worked on financial IT software for many years. Now he is a director of China Software Industry Association and the chief executive officer of the company.
Guan Xiaolan, CEO Born in 1971, consecutively graduated from the major of industrial management engineering, Hangzhou Dianzi University and China Europe International Business School, EMBA, began working in the company in 1996, consecutively worked as the manager of Beijing branch company, Shanghai branch company, product director of security industry, marketing director of security industry, vice general manager of security industry, the general manager of security business unit and vice president of the company. Now he is responsible for development of the main innovative business platform of the company.
Tong Chenhui, Secretary of the Board Born in 1971, consecutively graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, bachelor of laws and master of economics, got lawyer's qualification certificate from Justice Ministry in 1994, began working in Zhejiang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. in 1993, joined the company in 2002 and consecutively worked as senior manager, investment director, the secretary of board of directors and vice president of the company.
Fu Meiying, Financial Administrator Born in 1954, senior accountant, once worked as the chief accountant of Hangzhou Electrochemical Group Co., Ltd, began working in this company in November 2000 and consecutively worked as the manager of financial department, the general manager of financial management headquarters and chief financial officer. At present, she is responsible for the work of financial management headquarters, contract management department, legal affairs department and purchase department.
  • 1. Released "New Generation of Distributed Service Development Platform" JRES3.0. Hundsun teamed up with Ant Financial and Aliyun to actively build a large middle platform strategy that integrates technology middle platform, business middle platform and data middle platform

    2. Hundsun and IHS Markit established a joint venture company devoted to supporting the opening of China's bond market with technology

    3. Released four blockchain products, launched HSL2.0 platform, FantaiChain (FTCU), trade finance platform and supply chain financial blockchain service platform

    4. Hundsun released the Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the first time, and actively explored a new model of public benefit activities featuring sustainable development

  • 1. Developed by Jingteng Network, the robot Xiaojing appeared on CCTV's Financial Channel and became a permanent guest of Trading Hours.
    2. As the third Artificial Intelligence published, four new AI products were launched: Intelligent Question Answering Service Platform, Intelligent Asset Allocation Engine, Intelligent Service Analysis and Intelligent KYC.
    3. Hundsun became the organizer of the West-Lake Summit on Global Alternative Investment Fund.

  • Launched eight types of AI products based on their Artificial Intelligence Strategy, aims to promote the application of smart financial services 

  • Established partnership with The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. for the development of QianHai Commodity Trading Platform

  • 1. The twentieth anniversary, youth of twenty years, the experience of creating the future becomes indelible memory. 

    2. Put forward new vision—to connect hundred trillion and new mission—to simplify finance.

    3. Began cooperating with E-Capital Transfer Co., Ltd., which was its new participation in the top-level design and construction in Chinese financial IT field after its "new three board" market and Shanghai Clearing House. 

    4. Hundsun financial cloud renounced the world splendidly and 2.0 business began. 5. Issued the products and solution facing the industries of three-party money management and crowd funding.


  • 1. Set its layout of mobile medical treatment; signed cooperation agreement with near one hundred grade-A class-3 hospitals during the first 6 months of “Healthy Hundsun”.

    2. Issued the products of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Trading System, new investment management system O4, Yongjinbao and so on; built the share transfer system of nationwide middle and small-sized enterprises and the integrated business system of Shanghai Clearing House.

    3. Began cooperating with Wanlian Securities, Central China Securities, Qilu Securities, Jiangsu Bank and other financing institutions. 

  • 1. Listed to be top-100 global financial software companies (FinTech List) for consecutive 6 years. It is the only Chinese financial software company listed in FinTech List.
    2. Won the bidding of the project of Beijing Financial Assets Exchange; “the product of Hundsun Financial Exchange” issued aiming at the field of non-standard financial products gradually became mature. 

  • 1. While Security Innovation Conference was being held, the summit of Hundsun Securities was held. More than 300 representatives coming from more than 100 domestic and foreign security companies talked about development of the industry. It could be called “the 2ndmeeting of Security Innovation Conference”.

    2. Successively won the bidding of the project of Shanghai Clearing House and the new system construction of Beijing “new three board”; participated in the basic construction of financial market. 

  • 1. Most trust companies chose Hundsun as their cooperative partner for core system construction. Businesses of the company completely covered the fields of financial industry.

    2. The company successfully passed ISO20000 authentication and reached internationally acknowledged level in IT service standardization and customer service management.

    3. Hundsun Hong Kong Stock Trading System became online in Hong Kong Everbright Securities and became domestic first financial software developer which offered the trading system of Hong Kong stock core securities. 

  • 1. Hundsun Electronics achieved income 0.73 billion Yuan in 2009. The increase of net profit was more than 50%.

    2. Hundsun purchased Gil Data, recombined and entered the field of financial messaging.

    3. Hundsun was listed to be top-100 enterprise of 2010 Chinese income of software business.

    4. The number of employees became larger than 2000. 

  • 1. Market value exceeded 10 billion Yuan for the first time.

    2. Put forward “network reform industry” and began to explore the IT construction of internet finance.

    3. Internet business section was founded to push forward the transformation of networking.

    4. Hundsun purchased Liming and began to accelerate business layout in the form of merger. 

  • 1. Listed to be top-100 2008 Fintech 100 global financial IT enterprise and Forbes optimal middle and small-sized listed enterprise in Asia-Pacific area.

    2. Chosen to be index sample stock of the middle-sized enterprises of Shanghai Securities.

    3. Selected to be a key software enterprise in national planned layout again.

    4. Selected to be “Chinese top-ten enterprise in the software product of self-owned brand” again.

  • 1. Hundsun achieved net profit of more than 0.1 billion for the first time. All businesses grew rapidly and comprehensively led development of the industry.

    2. Selected to be “2007 Chinese top-ten enterprise in the software product of self-owned brand”.

    3. HSIPCC honorably got 2007 “Chinese optimal annual technical product of call center” award. The communication business of Hundsun gradually became mature.

    4. Hundsun Electronics honorably got “TOP-10 enterprise of financial security industry”.

    5. The company built CMMI L4 integration model of software ability maturity. 

  • 1. Ranked the superior among top-100 Chinese software businesses awarded by Ministry of Information Industry

    2. 2006-version financial network service platform was issued formally.

    3. The new strategic draft of Hundsun was issued; 08 strategy of the IT service of capital market was preliminarily carried out.

    4. The company passed the assessment on CMMI L3 integration model of software ability maturity.

    5. The company with business system project was completely started. 

  • 1. Through the written approval of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the company changed its name to be Hundsun Electronics Co., Ltd., an enterprise without regional restriction.

    2. Hundsun was registered and founded in Japan.

    3. The company began to use its new English trade name and English trademark: HUNDSUN.

    4. The construction of Hundsun Building was completed with coverage area of larger than 22000 square meters. The first batch of employees began to work in it. 

  • 1. Ranked the first among “top-ten software enterprises of Zhejiang” for successive four years.

    2. Hundsun Global was awarded as “Chinese software pilot enterprise of Europe and America export engineering”.

    3. The company honorably got the first “famous trade name of Zhejiang” and “famous product of Zhejiang”. 

  • 1. The company was successfully listed (main board) in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Stock code: 600570.

    2. The company passed the assessment on CMM L3 maturity of software ability.

    3. Awarded as first-batch key software enterprise in national planned layout; got the honor for subsequent consecutive three years.

    4. Got the award “the most outstanding IT enterprise in the financial field of East China”. 

  • 1. Hundsun Electronics began to implement “culture leading” strategy.

    2. Funds business unit grew to be another profit core of the company. Besides bank business unit, the new product department of the company grew from an innovative sapling to be a towering tree.

    3. The company became the global cooperative partner of Nokia in software business, built Hundsun Global and entered software outsourcing field.

    4. The company was listed to be top-ten unit awarded with “Zhejiang quality management award” conferred for the first time. 

  • 1. Issued enterprise-edition securities trading system and further consolidated its leading status in securities market.

    2. Honorably ranked the first among top ten software enterprises in Zhejiang and ranked the first for subsequent consecutive four years.

    3. Honorably got national first-grade qualification of computer system integration.

    4. Honorably got “Zhejiang first prize of scientific and technological progress” which was the first superior reputation got by the IT enterprise of Zhejiang. 

  • 1. Hundsun Electronics began to implement “management leading” strategy and hoped to stimulate the consolidation of the implementation effect of product leading strategy and service leading strategy through advanced management system construction. It also deepened the construction of technical system.

    2. Hundsun won the bidding of “Zhejiang networking toll collection system of expressway” and entered the field of intelligent traffic.

    3. The company completed stockholding system reform, changed its name to be Hangzhou Hundsun Electronics Co., Ltd. and prepared to be listed. 

  • 1. Hundsun Electronics became IT leading enterprise in Chinese security industry. Its market shares ranked the first in the whole country.

    2. Hundsun issued funds investment management system and maintained its absolute predominance in market.

    3. The main business income of Hundsun exceeded 0.1 billion Yuan.

    4. In Chinese software industry, besides UFIDA, Hundsun Electronics took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality system accreditation. 

  • 1. Began to implement “service leading” strategy and especially pushed forward its institutional construction, process construction, team construction and the construction of 32 service nodes all over the country. Propagandized and implemented the idea of “customer first and reputation first”.

    2. Successively built cooperative relations with Guotai Securities, Haitong Securities, Southern Securities and China Securities which ranked the superior at that time. The market share is leading and maintains to now.

    3. Hundsun began to offer system to fund companies. 

  • 1. Hangzhou Hundsun Software Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Hangzhou Hundsun Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally founded.

    2. Hundsun issued securities counter trading system BTRV5.0 and windows-edition 97Sybase and built cooperative relations with Guotai Securities, Haitong Securities, Southern Securities and China Securities.

    3. Hundsun took the lead in issuing security transfer and online trading system which occupied vast majority of shares in new market. 

    4. Financial business unit (changed its name to be bank business unit later) was founded. Hundsun began to operate business units in the division of industries. 

  • The company was moved to Textile Building at Jiefang Road, a place with sweet memories left by a senior worker of Hundsun. 

  • 1. On February 28, 1995, the eight young engineers of the initiation team of Hundsun embraced their dream and firmly determined to devote themselves to financial IT field.

    2. National debt trading stopped and Hundsun transferred its business to securities. Relying on “product leading” strategy and hard struggle, it survived and won trust of a batch of important customers. The company became a new energetic prominence with fighting will in the industry and exerted its preliminary influence in the industry of securities. 

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