• Meet the platform to raise public equity raise public equity business needs, including equity raised platform front-end platform to raise public equity, public equity raise public equity raised platform project management, operation, account management, to raise public equity transactions, payment and other business support, relying on the platform to raise public shareholding system integration and process reengineering, to form the Internet to raise public finance website. It can support the users of the Internet to raise public investment and financing activities on the platform, and through the transaction management background, the participation of users, to raise public projects, public financing and other related information for effective management, support the project application, review, upload the roadshow materials and investment funds transfer the whole project life cycle management.
  • Consumer finance: Consumer finance platform offers new financial services to consumer finance companies, franchised commercial tenants and consumers. Offline consumption and online installment repayment can be achieved. One-stop online、non-cash consumption procedures can be completed. 

  • The software products, solutions and consultation services in traffic field can be offered to push forward electronic, information-based and intelligent Chinese traffic. The products include: networking toll collection system of expressway, ETC issue service system, ETC charging system, ETC card multi-application system, ship lock dispatch charging system, overwater ETC charging system, credit system of passenger transport enterprises, integrity system of traffic construction enterprises, expressway member management system, charging inspection system, operation analysis system, operation management system and the system of rescue monitoring and management.

  • There are several core platforms of uniform communication with proprietary intellectual property rights, such as HSIPCC, HSC3S and HSCRM. Integrated solution of uniform communication and enterprise-level integrated solutions of mobile application counselor (such as IPCC core platform, multi-industry call center application, mobile OA and mobile field service) are offered. At the same time, relying on abundant communication technologies, perfect quality system, flexible business modes and high-quality software development team, good services can be offered to customers of the whole world. 

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