The Solution of Supply Chain Integrated Service
Based on the concept of "science and technology enabling industry supply chain", based on Internet, Internet of things, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies Relying on the advanced technical framework and basic technology accumulation of Hang Seng electronics, we provide IT solutions for industrial supply chain enterprises, including bidding procurement, commodity trading, marketing services, financial services, warehousing logistics and other comprehensive services, and build a digital, scenario based, industry finance coordinated supply chain comprehensive service platform for enterprises. At the same time, for the needs of enterprise OA and marketing promotion, combined with mobile terminals and other office scenarios, we also provide corresponding system construction and software integration service solutions.
The Solution of Commodity Trading Cloud Platform
For the members of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial chain of various industries, through blockchain, Internet, cloud computing and other technologies, help enterprises to realize the online, mobile and digital production and operation activities of the supply chain, and provide one-stop industrial B2B commodity trading cloud platform services for them. The commodity trading cloud platform supports a variety of trading modes, and adopts the "carry in" of multi tenant and SaaS cloud services The model aims to reduce the IT construction and operation costs of small and micro enterprise customers and provide them with a comprehensive system hosting operation and maintenance service solution.
The Solution of Industry and Finance Interconnection
This scheme mainly aims at the financial service demands of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, solves the problems of low offline efficiency, lack of data support and insufficient risk control ability in the service process of financial institutions, and provides the IT solution of industry finance interconnection connecting the industrial end and the capital end.
The Solution of Enterprise Integrated Service Platform
In view of the government's leadership, the deep participation of financial institutions and tripartite service companies to solve the problems of "difficult financing and expensive financing" of small and medium-sized enterprises and "dare not lend, unwilling to lend, unable to lend" of financial institutions, we need to establish an ecosystem of enterprise credit information and comprehensive financial services, open up industrial policies, break the island of enterprise data, and build the production, operation and management of all relevant enterprises Digital and investment and financing financial services are closed-loop, gathering comprehensive financial services of all parties. For this reason, we have specially built this set of enterprise comprehensive service platform it solution.
The Solution of Enterprise Financial Management
This scheme is a comprehensive, scientific, powerful and industry-leading enterprise financial management IT solution tailored for large and medium-sized group enterprises and all kinds of administrative institutions. It can mainly solve the problems encountered in fund account management, payment and settlement, fund budget, liquidity management, risk control, centralized fund management, etc. of group enterprises and all kinds of administrative institutions To achieve resource integration, real-time monitoring, intelligent analysis, dynamic prediction, flexible scheduling and scientific decision-making, and comprehensively improve the overall financial management level of group enterprises and various administrative institutions.
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