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Hundsun Technologies at Singapore FinTech Festival
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Continuing on its forward-looking mission, Hundsun Technologies pushes on as a key driver of Fintech trends revolutionizing the financial services industry.

In the 2019 Securities Industry Partners Summit held at Harbin, China, Hundsun Technologies unveiled key platform products emphasizing on cloud-powered solutions architecture and AI technologies.

Sharing this information with the global audience, Hundsun Technologies participated in the Singapore FinTech Festival, which was held in Singapore over the period of 11-15, November 2019. Angela Carcheska, Overseas CEO of Hundsun Technologies Inc., was invited to share the company’s latest advancements and vision in the roundtable discussion in said event.

In the discussion, Angela shared how Hundsun Technologies drives the progress of financial services through:

1.    Consolidating more than 20 years of institutional finance industry experience into scalable cloud-enabled platform solutions.

2.  Bridging technology trends like AI, Big Data, and blockchain to legacy technology realities in order to adopt pragmatic solutions and adjust to the needs of our institutional clients.


Forging New Frontiers in Finance

With the strong demand from financial institutions to consistently innovate to cater market needs, Hundsun Technologies has pushed forth two key areas of focus:

1.    the Middle Platform Cloud Technology (大中台)

2.    Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Institutional Finance

A. Middle Platform Cloud Technology (大中台)

Whilst front-end capabilities emphasize responsiveness and usability, back-end capabilities focus on stability and problem-solving capacity. In some instances, this causes a situation where both ends are not in line with each other’s focus areas.

Hundsun’s Middle Platform Cloud Technology aims to address this gap in a scalable way. By providing a three-pillar cloud solution covering Data Management, Process Workflow, and Technology Development, it aims to accelerate information standardization and digitalization, achieve cost efficiencies and foster collaborative learning across the industry players.

B. Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Institutional Finance

“Hundsun’s foray into the application of AI in institutional finance is represented by two products – Xiaojing and iBrain” says Angela.

As a resident guest of CCTV, Xiaojing is a B2B2C product providing interactive financial market insights; whereas iBrain is the trade execution and investment insights platform for sell-side and buy-side institutions. Both products are based on the application of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Big Data Technologies.

By providing investment guidance using behavioral analytics and cognitive messaging, it helps financial institutions design customized investment recommendations taking into account the investors’ risk appetite and trading pattern. These 2 areas combine to form a reinforcing loop that will open up previously ring-fenced segments of the industry.


Meeting the Fintech Opportunities and Challenges

Over the past decade, China and the ASEAN have grown exponentially in the Fintech initiatives and have become incubators of startups and new ventures. To ride this wave, players in this growing ecosystem can extend connectivity and market integration through Belt and Road Initiative, thus furthering technologies exchange and cross-border trading. With a strong foothold in China, Hundsun is here to develop a stronger tie with ASEAN, unleashing its growth potential and liberalizing the flow of capital across regions.


However, Angela mentioned that regulatory barriers are the perceived challenges making it difficult for ASEAN markets to scale up. To facilitate the development of fintech, regulators across regions should consider to engage with industry participants to improve the existing regulatory framework and work collaboratively to standardize the supervisory policies. 

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