Private Placement
OPLUS Investment Management Platform
The platform comprehensively devotes itself to sunshine customer service of private placement and offers relevant IT services to institutions of private placement in the fields of investment trading, assets management, risk management, strategy trading and so on. Oplus securities investment system is a professional assets management solution especially made for private placement companies. It can achieve complex investment management, increase trading speed and the force of risk management and meet a series of relevant demands of investors for uniform management of products, basket trading, electronic investment procedures, multidimensional risk control, uniform analysis on assets statement and so on. In addition, this system covers the whole process of investment management business and convoys the investment expansion of private placement.
i Private Placement Platform
i private placement platform was developed by the subsidiary company of Hundsun Technologies Inc.—Hangzhou Zhengtou Network Technology Co., Ltd. It strives to become authoritative and neutral integrated service platform of private placement data in Chinese market, offer the tools of private placement data analysis and private placement product monitoring to private placement managers and qualified investors, build new ecosphere of private placement, stimulate to build the communication bridge between private placement managers and qualified investors and achieve professional value. The four advantages of i private placement 1. A large amount of quality private placements can be gathered; 2. Core database of private placement; 3. Professional and profound evaluation report; 4. Professional platform of private placement products management can be offered.
The System of Valuation Accounting and Registered Transfer
Aiming at the private placements needing the system of valuation accounting and registered transfer, complete service of cloud evaluation and cloud registered transfer can be offered to help private placements to create a whole set of “investment + evaluation + registered transfer” private placement solution. The registered transfer system can meet the requirement of products issue of company, support several local and remote direct-selling nodes of company, connect direct-selling centers and direct-selling nodes in reasonable communication mode and support umbrella-type product business through multi-layer structural functions.
Outsourcing Business
This is to offer third-party company with basic operation and maintenance guarantee service based on the registered transfer system, assets appraisal and accounting system and other relevant systems in private placement business permitted by laws and regulations. The businesses supported contain all businesses carried out by private placement company ①private placement products; ②non-standard businesses.
Quantitative Winner Trading Terminal
This is short for “quantitative winner” and offered for the quantitative trading of private placement industry and professional investors. It supports all trading in domestic two securities exchanges and four futures exchanges. It even prepares quantitative trading module for professional traders of share options.
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